Bad Credit Payday Loans

You'll hear a lot of tall tales about bad credit payday loans, and most of them will be true. Bad credit payday loans are the financial solutions nightmares are made of - will you dare to dream?

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Bad Credit Payday Loans

I once saw a whole army of bad credit payday loans that stood miles high and came to pound down my door in the middle of the night - flames a shootin', they even had themselves a Loch Ness monster!

Thats nothin'! I once saw me some online payday loans that dug a pit so deep I was talkin' with my cousin down Guangxiong way about setting up a bar mitzva!

We all hear stories about payday loans gone bad, but for some reason most of us don't choose to listen. 96% of all people talking out payday loans claim to know what is required of them, but we're sure that if they knew the truth behind bad credit payday loans - or any of these newfangled quick payday loans - they'd hold onto their paycheck for dear life.

Why bad credit payday loans are so...bad

For starters, there are less and less bad credit payday loans on the market. Credit checks take time, and if someone is really Payday or Bust they won't have the patience to wait for a credit check, and they probably won't have the credit standing to pass a check in the first place. Lenders are doing away with the credit check in an effort to make their loans faster, but in doing so they are putting the most financially vulnerable among us at increased risk:

The stories you hear about bad credit payday loans pulling people ever deeper into financial debt are true because thats what they are designed to do and your increased debt is how your lender makes more money. Cash advance payday loans really are a problem for those already up to their ears in debt!

The bad credit struggle

You have to be aware of your own credit history and financial tendencies because no one is there to stop you. Bad credit payday loans are a thing of the past and your limitations to easy money are long gone. You are the last line of defense and the only thing keeping you from abusing bad credit payday loans is yourself, so why not make it payday or bust? Why not cross payday loans off your list of financial options altogether and find other means to make it until your next paycheck? Living life as a wanderer has taught us a lot, but the most important lesson has always been self-reliance and a determination to make it on our own, without looking to payday advance loans for a hand out.

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