Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans are at the cutting edge of financial technology - hoppin' horny toads! What in the world are online payday loans?

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Online Payday Loans

Cruising around this big country of ours with a drive and a will to make it to payday has shown me a lot of ungodly inventions - the cotton gin, laser beams, and online payday loans. Military payday loans are the worst of the bunch; long live the American fighting machine, free of debt and high on life! All these gadgets and whirligigs and technology doodads have made pining after payday a thing of the past - today you can need financial assistance and get that assistance in the blink of a sow's eye - doggone blinkin' sow.

No more sitting around with online payday loans

Online payday loans have virtually taken the bust out of Payday or Bust, and thats because any working stiff can now get online payday loans faster, easier, and more affordably than ever before in the history of mankind. And what a slow history it has been:

Don't trust the technology bus

As for us, we like to take out time with our finances, and online payday loans are just too durn fast. With increased lending speed we just don't have the time to think about what we're doing with our money any more - say no to quick payday loans! Need some quick money before payday? Well shucks, I'll just apply for some online payday loans and be livin' easy. That just ain't workin' for us. Something just doesn't seem right about online payday loans that take a matter of hours to get. Call us old-timers, call us lost souls still wandering the highway, but we believe there is no quick solution to your financial woes and if everyone just kept to the Payday or Bust plan there wouldn't be a problem with payday advances in the first place. Yup, we reckon that right there is the problem - too much easy access to money, too fast. Once again, if you get cash advance payday loans, pay them back on time, otherwise you are just throwing away YOUR money...

Take it from me, The Wizened Wanderer

I know a thing or two, I do. One being that money just don't come as easy as an online cash advance makes it seem. I worked some in my life and it's hard to make a decent living. I just get the feeling sometimes that people are trying to take advantage of an old-timer like myself. From the looks of it those lenders of online cash advances are just the type of folks to look out for. The second? No matter how many payday advance loans you take out the dogs will always come back. There is always gonna be another cost, another demand, another bill to take care of that you just can't figure out. There is always gonna be more mistakes, and you will pay for them in more ways than money.

So it goes when you're living your life beholden to the online payday loan. So it goes.

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