Payday Advances

If you think payday advances are bad, wait till you see what happens down the road! Payday advances are nothing next to the debt and financial misery you'll experience later.

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Payday Advances

For a moment, lets pretend payday advances aren't about money but distance, the distance between you and your desired destination. So your sitting roadside, there hasn't been a car passing by for hours, and your skin is peeling off from the endless rays of the desert sun - sounds a lot like waiting for your next payday, eh sonny boy?

Payday advances stop and pick you up...

Suddenly, there's a form in the distance - a heat distorted, fast moving, fast approaching form. You've been waiting for hours and you need this ride because you need to get to where you need to go or else! You hop out into the middle of the road and flail your arms desperately - help! I need help! A ride! Just a ride! Just a little mobile help from my crippling finances! As the vehicle approaches you begin to make out the form - small costs in the front, costs building up as the machine rolls on - why its a payday advance! Hooray! You've heard all about them and you know payday advances can take you from one place to the next. So you flag the beast down and you jump on in and thee driver doesn't even look at you. You're home free, baby! You got picked up by the rambling payday advances!

...and take you in the wrong direction

You'll be so excited about your ride that you won't realize one critical factor - payday advances will almost always drive you in the wrong direction:

Payday advances will almost certainly take you in the direction opposite your financial security, but sometimes payday advances are just the only vehicle that'll come across your road. When its payday or bust sometimes you need to take a few steps back to get a few steps forward - so it goes on the road. So it goes.

And so it goes with all cash payday advances as a matter of fact! One moment they'll be your best friend to the end, and the next you'll be wishing you never heard of the payday advance.

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