Payday Cash Loan

The payday cash loan world is filled with lies and lying liars. Be careful with your payday cash loan and remember that your lender is there for profit alone.

I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
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Payday Cash Loan - Deception!

Retaining your payday innocence is something to be proud of. Whatever the world throws at you - whatever temptations you face along the way - there is always a good reason to stop what you are doing and wait. There are very few good reasons for taking out a payday cash loan, and if you knew some of the lending schemes out there you wouldn't even be considering an advance.

Payday cash loan schemes

Rule number one to a payday cash loan is that you cannot trust your lender. You need financial assistance - yes - and the industry is gaining some credibility from increased regulations. But the fact remains your lender is in the payday cash loan game for profit alone, and the greater danger they put you in the more money they stand to make. So they lie, they cheat and steal and rob you blind without you ever knowing about it, and they market their services in such a way that you just keep coming back for more:

Oh no, thats a lot to remember for such a small online payday loan! Good thing we can just sum it all up in a single, easily understood statement.

To sum it up, you cant trust it

Despite all the lies and ambiguity surrounding your payday cash loan, at the end of the day they are just plain expensive. Paying 20% for a two-week payday advance loan is in itself a waste of money, made more apparent that you don't have enough money to begin with. A quick payday loan will help you with your financial emergencies, but they will also create future financial problems - its best just to keep rockin' on down the road and make an effort to reach Payday or Bust.

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