Waiting until payday is your best bet, but sometimes that wait till your payday destination is just too great an impossibility.

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Payday - Whooee!

...and when I gets me a check I'll cash it straight and spend every single dime on our very next date.

Oh, hey there! Didn't see ya sneak up, just sitting here waiting on my next ride, you know? One step closer to payday and I'm feelin' fine and free as a bird in the sky. You know, you'd be feelin' fine yourself if you made a promise to wait until payday for the money you need right now. Why? Well, the way I figure it is if you can't afford to wait until payday you can't afford to pay extra for none of them newfangled payday advances.

Waiting for payday will save you in the end

Sure times are tough, and the weeks in between payday might be pretty lean. But honestly, any financial obligation you face before your next paycheck can wait until then:

You can still live your life and have cash available without relying upon payday loans for deliverance - it takes time and a little elbow grease, but the road never lies, and the road tells me that its payday or bust.

Why waiting might not be an option

But you know every angle has its opposite devil - sometimes waiting for payday simply will not cut it. For your most dire financial emergencies that demand cash in your bank account:

You can use a payday loan and make ends meet. But only use one in a financial emergency, not when you'd simply feel more comfortable with the cash. if you can't wait until payday maybe its about time you change your financial ways and determine a budget with an emergency cash resource built in so you can wait and survive with your paychecks and nothing more. Come on! Take a seat next to old Reggie and lets dream of a world without the payday advance... ahh, what a life!

No time for setbacks

See, what I'm sayin' here is that cash advances don't come without a bit of trouble. And I done seen enough of that in my day! Now I got things figured out enough that I try to plan in advance so's I don't get stuck in a cash advance trap!

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