Quick Payday Loan

A quick payday loan gets you out from under the overpass - for a while at least. But then its back to baked beans and tire fires - no quick payday loan can clear the smoke forever.

I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have a bank account.
I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of this website.

Quick Payday Loan - Feelin' Like A Confused Bum

Payday baby - its all about the dough. problem is, when we're making things Payday or bust is hard to always have the dough for baking. So we pull in the prefab ingredients - a quick payday loan to help our finances rise. But baby, when it comes time to repay this payday loan you'd better believe your financial goose will be cooked.

That quick payday loan will cook your goose

No matter how you slice it, living beneath a highway overpass is the greatest - free food, shelter, a continual drone that helps us sleep 10, 20 hours a day. Now thats livin', making it on your own without a helping hand from the candy man. But when you go out looking for quick payday loans you're giving up and telling the world that you are ready for bondage:

Its curtains for you when you take out a quick payday loan becuase you're payigf ro your paycheck - and the amount on that paycheck is already to small an amount. Mess around with that online payday loan and your goose - baby - is a-cooked.

After the peaceful easy feelin'

Surly that quick payday loan will give you an initial boost into the financial stratosphere. No more cardboard homes or donated dungarees - you're on a buying spree that won't end until payday. But then it comes, and you realize that the money you spend costs you more money in start up fees, lender fees, late fees, roll over fees, speed fees and crying fees. There is no joy for the hapless quick payday loan user, just mountains of debt and endless seas of depression.

Woest me! I've no mon-ey!

There is no use crying over empty bank accounts, just as there is really no need to freak out and run to the first quick payday loan you see. A quick payday loan will only give you that feeling of joy and inner peace for a limited time, and after that time it back to the gutter for you my man. My woman, my weary space traveling android with no need for financial aid just a dream of being human. It is only human to want to succeed, to meet your demand in the face and fight back with your mitts. But a quick payday loan isn't yours to throw around, its a temporary cover and those swings you make now will come back when the cover is gone. Beware revenge! Beware of the scorned financial obligations - for they shall always return!

The return of intergalactic warrior robots

Whos there! Where are they! Where am I? Is this my personal finances or just an instant payday loan? Because I get confused at times - when you use a fast payday loan too often you tend to fall into some slight delusions. Solar systematic dynamics! The continual battle between symphonics and cacaphony! I am the leader! I am the great overnight payday loan wrangler - come hither! Come inside! Take a look at my quick payday loan lasso and my spurs -- my wonderful, beautiful spurs! have at thee! have at you! Have at the whole universe! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........see? Thats what a sameday payday loan does to you, leaves you confused and washed up. shivering cold beneath the Interstate.

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